Changing weather

Yesterday was beautiful and it looks as though today will be too (although tomorrow it is meant to rain).  I disapprove of people who whinge about the weather – I used to know a woman who would say “Oh, it’s raiiiiiiniiiing!” as though this was the end of the world.  I mean, I would have understood if she’d had to walk several miles in just a t shirt.  But she had a coat! a car! a house!  There really was no need to moan.

Earlier this week we had quite a heavy hailstorm, which is something you don’t get all that often in London.  I didn’t love getting caught in it but it did encourage my children to pull their hoods on and walk briskly to the house.  It was quite pretty once we were inside.

Once it stopped, I went outside in my Crocs and unblocked the drain in the back garden – we had a little flood (although it hadn’t quite got into the house).


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