Crystal trees

Sorry I haven’t been posting.  What have I been doing?  Oh yes, getting a root canal.  This was something I’d been DREADING but it was okay in the end.  I hate the sound of the drill so I listened to music on my phone and headphones (101 Running Songs if you’re interested).

It’s quite embarrassing – I was so wound up by the time my appointment came around, I ended up behaving really quite oddly once I got into the dentist’s surgery.  There wasn’t anything I could put my finger on but you KNOW when you’ve been a bit strange.  Perhaps the dentist sees this quite often.

The dentist who did it isn’t my usual dentist – they have a specialist root canal dentist.  He was very calm and seemed to have fantastic powers of concentration – I was in the chair, having full-on treatment for over an hour and a half.  And I still need to go back for Root Canal Treatment Part Two (after half term).

What else?  Ah, yep, I pulled a muscle (in my bum and thigh) which has been agony for nearly a week, particularly when I’m in bed (so am getting hardly any sleep).  When I sit still, I can feel in the muscle just above my knee twitching.  Ugh.

Plus, the antibiotics I’d had prescribed gave me galloping diarrhoea (word I have finally learned how to spell).  My Mum said that I had to eat natural yoghurt, even if I didn’t fancy it.

Overall, someone should probably just shoot me now.

This has been rather a moany post.  Sorry about that.  Here are some pictures of the crystal trees that my children have just done (they came in their Christmas stockings, originally from Tiger).

Crystal trees
Crystal trees

On a more positive note, I am LOVING the piano.  My piano teacher sets me homework and I’ve just started using the black keys (sharp / flat notes).

5 thoughts on “Crystal trees

  1. Bananas can help with the runny bum… So can immodium.

    If you pulled a muscle in your hip/thigh area then get in the bath, as hot as you can stand it but get out before it gets cool, and then get the old man to massage it gently and top it off with some Ibuprofen gel.
    BTW… Have you been to the doc about it, do you know what sciatica is?

    Glad you are having fun tinkling the ivories!

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  2. Aww sorry you’ve had so much to deal with! I sympathise with the dreading feeling… I have an ultrasound guided injection into a nerve in my heel at the end of Feb and I’m basically walking around in a big bubble of denial right now! Feel better soon! x


  3. Also… I’ve had issues with my pelvis since my pregnancy and I absolutely swear by my osteopath! I’ve pulled muscles before, nearly dislocated my pelvis and had sciatica etc and they always sort me out.


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