Stirring the compost heap

One job I did get done was giving the compost heap A Good Stir.  It took a bit of hefting about with a garden fork but I’m pleased I did it.

The compost heap after stirring
The compost heap after stirring

There are lots of worms in there and, actually, quite a lot of compost.  Most things have rotted down nicely (although not the angelica stalks – perhaps I should pull those out).

Now that things should be getting warmer, I hope that everything will rot down pretty quickly.  I haven’t actually used any of the compost from my compost heap yet so perhaps I should do that this year.


Last weekend, we went to the IoW.  Although it is still winter (at least until 1 March), quite a few daffodils and blossom were out.  I even saw my first bumblebee (I was in the kitchen and didn’t have my camera or I would have taken a photo).


The primroses are looking very pretty.  Last year I planted a whole bunch of more exotic primroses – so far they haven’t appeared.  Perhaps it is a bit early or perhaps they just haven’t survived.

Little daffodils
Little daffodils

The little daffodils are out and the big daffodils are appearing.  I haven’t seen any sign of the alliums – I don’t think they came back last year so perhaps it is the wrong spot for them.

There are quite a few beds that are an utter disgrace.  Weedy, full of grass, just plain looking awful.  When it stops raining, I will sort those those out.

Post skiing

We’ve been back since Sunday night and I have my final load of washing in the machine.  It’s surprising how much washing needs to be done after a ski holiday … although, really, it isn’t.  I usually do a load a day so have seven days’ worth.  Plus we wear our ski gear in the day and our normal clothes in the evenings.  So twice as much washing.  It’s quite a first world problem.

Ahhhh it was so pretty
Ahhhh it was so pretty

I had Root Canal Treatment Part 2 yesterday morning and now have a stinking cold (pretty sure the two are unconnected – it’s just a bit unfortunate).  Left hand side of my face is quite sore but it will get better.

Don't you just love the alps?
Don’t you just love the alps?




Here we are in Meribel.  This blog is going to be a bit thin on posts for the next few days.  It’s our second day of skiing – on the first, I fell over and whacked my leg on one of my skis and was so shattered I felt a bit destroyed at the end.  However, today I feel pretty good.

We’ve done some good skiing, had a couple of great lunches and been to apres ski.  I’ve spotted LOTS of blonde, 16 year old girls wearing Canada Goose jackets (not fakes either – I can tell).  I was rather bemused by this but M said “Dude – they sell those in CostCo”.

Feeling better

Having come out the other side of Root Canal Treatment Part 1, I am now feeling so much better.  You know when you don’t realise how terrible you felt  until you start getting better?  I’ve basically spent the last six weeks feeling slightly fluey but I’d assumed I was…run down?  Needed to cut back on the booze?  Perhaps this was what being 40 would be like (ugh).

Now the dentist has done his thing, I’ve stopped getting that unpleasant taste in my mouth and feel … better.  Thank God because we’re going skiing for half term.

I’ve also had all my hair cut off.  It had got quite long and whenever I combed it, it took ages because the ends had got so crunchy.  I had meant to just get an inch cut off but when I was having it washed, I randomly decided to get it cut to a jaw length bob.  I like it a lot and my husband said it looks nice.  My son HATES it and cried.  He said that he liked my hair the way it used to be.  I don’t think he approves of me changing my appearance.

My daughter, thank goodness, couldn’t give a shit what I do to my hair.  As long as I provide regular meals and snacks, let her watch Paw Patrol and murmur approving things while she does forward rolls, she will remain implacably indifferent to how I look.

I still haven’t quite managed to turn over the compost heap.  Never mind.  I’ll do it in April.

Compost bin
Compost bin

Crystal trees

Sorry I haven’t been posting.  What have I been doing?  Oh yes, getting a root canal.  This was something I’d been DREADING but it was okay in the end.  I hate the sound of the drill so I listened to music on my phone and headphones (101 Running Songs if you’re interested).

It’s quite embarrassing – I was so wound up by the time my appointment came around, I ended up behaving really quite oddly once I got into the dentist’s surgery.  There wasn’t anything I could put my finger on but you KNOW when you’ve been a bit strange.  Perhaps the dentist sees this quite often.

The dentist who did it isn’t my usual dentist – they have a specialist root canal dentist.  He was very calm and seemed to have fantastic powers of concentration – I was in the chair, having full-on treatment for over an hour and a half.  And I still need to go back for Root Canal Treatment Part Two (after half term).

What else?  Ah, yep, I pulled a muscle (in my bum and thigh) which has been agony for nearly a week, particularly when I’m in bed (so am getting hardly any sleep).  When I sit still, I can feel in the muscle just above my knee twitching.  Ugh.

Plus, the antibiotics I’d had prescribed gave me galloping diarrhoea (word I have finally learned how to spell).  My Mum said that I had to eat natural yoghurt, even if I didn’t fancy it.

Overall, someone should probably just shoot me now.

This has been rather a moany post.  Sorry about that.  Here are some pictures of the crystal trees that my children have just done (they came in their Christmas stockings, originally from Tiger).

Crystal trees
Crystal trees

On a more positive note, I am LOVING the piano.  My piano teacher sets me homework and I’ve just started using the black keys (sharp / flat notes).