At the weekend, my husband went skiing with a load of other guys so I had the children by myself all weekend.  We took the opportunity to do a picture of Jupiter for my son’s Show and Tell (which is in a week and a half).

Jupiter, Earth and a picture of the Juno probe
Jupiter, Earth and a picture of the Juno probe

The thing with stuff like this is that it needs to be something that your child can reasonably do a lot of themselves.  I bought a load of coloured card and some sheets of white tissue from that art shop Cass.  We drew around a tray that goes in the microwave when we want to use it as a convection oven for the Jupiter circle and drew around an egg cup for the Earth circle.  The relative dimensions aren’t quite right – Jupiter has a diameter which is 11.2 times that os Earth – but it was the best we could do.

To get the lines across Jupiter, we cut out strips of different coloured card and tissue and glued them onto Jupiter.  The tadpole-like shape you see is the Great Red Spot.

For Earth, my son cut out some little green blobs and stuck them onto the blue circle.  The white tissue at the top and bottom represent the polar ice caps.

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