Eggy Matzos

At the weekend, my son likes to have eggy matzos for breakfast (I refuse to cook them in the week as it takes too long).  Technically these are Matzo Brei but I’m sure I don’t make them the correct way.

I first read about this in an Annabel Karmel book and it’s one of the few things that I still make.  I use three eggs and three matzos (AK says to use one egg per two matzos but I changed it).  Break the matzos into pieces and soak them in a bowl with cold water.  Beat the eggs in a jug.  Drain the water and squeeze out the excess.  Add the beaten egg to the matzos.

Heat up a frying pan with some butter.  Add the eggy matzos – you want them to fill the pan in the same way a pancake would.  From this point, cook in the same way as a pancake – you will need to turn it halfway through.

We each get a third
We each get a third

Some people add icing sugar but I think my children get enough sugar.

3 thoughts on “Eggy Matzos

      1. We don’t have a Waitrose up here (Not that I know of anyway) Every now and then Sainsbugs will carry it for a week or so but I’ll never think to get it then or I won’t be in the mood for it.


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