Swollen face

Yesterday, I woke up to a seriously swollen face – the top left hand of my cheek makes me look like a lopsided chipmunk.


I had thought that I’d just need antibiotics and that I’d had an ulcer that had got infected.  Unfortunately, the dentist had a look, took another X-ray (I’d had one at my check up last week but then, of course, I felt absolutely fine) and did this horrid thing where he made all my teeth cold to check that they still have feeling.  The X-ray didn’t reveal anything very interesting but the overall result is that I need a … root canal <“shudders”>.

I have been prescribed some antibiotics for my swollen face so that should clear up soon.

I don’t much like going to the dentist.  It makes me feel sweaty and anxious even thinking about it.  Even though I KNOW that this bunch know what they are doing.

I have an appointment with the root canal specialist a week on Friday.  It is an hour and a half long, which terrifies me.  I know that there are people who are far worse off than I am.  I mean, there are people in war zones.  People who couldn’t afford the cost of the root canal (I have insurance, thank goodness).

I still feel rather sorry for myself.

3 thoughts on “Swollen face

  1. I had a root canal a few years ago… Most of the allotted time was spent allaying my fears and talking about what I will have to do afterward.
    BTW, just like you I am terrified of my dentist… Even though it rarely ever hurts. *shrug*


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