Yet more new ski gear

After my audit of the ski gear, I’ve bought some of the things on my list.

These were from VikingKids
These were from VikingKids

I ended up buying two fleeces for the boy, both from VikingKids.  They have a super annoying website but are also having a really good sale.  Problem is, you only find out something isn’t in stock when you click “add to basket” so it took a while.

The red fleece was by Reima (Finnish) and was £17.50, reduced from £28.50.  The green fleece was by Isbjorn (Swedish) and was £24.50, reduced from £44.50.  The red is slightly thicker than the green but neither are as thick as the fleeces that came inside the Muddy Puddles coats (they don’t sell the ski jackets with the zip in fleeces any more, which is a pity).  However, I’m sure they’ll be fine for skiing.  I bought them for height 122cm (age 7), which I thought would mean that he had some growing room – however, he was measured at school on Friday and is 120cm tall so I wasn’t as prudent as I’d thought.

What else did I get?  Oh yes, snow boots, more ski socks and a snood for the boy.  I didn’t bother taking a photo of those.

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