Winter audit

Yesterday I realised that there is only a month until half term (more or less) so I did an audit of the children’s ski gear.  I usually buy ski gear in April or May so that it is half price.  It feels rather heartbreaking to pay full price for children’s ski gear – they outgrow it in mere months.  However, if at some point I do have to pay full price, I’m sure no one’s heart will bleed for me.

Ski jackets and saloupettes
Ski jackets and saloupettes

We have both ski jackets and saloupettes in ages 2 to 3, 3 to 4, 4 to 5 and 5 to 6.    I’ve got 5 base layer sets for my daughter (ages 3 to 4 and 4 to 5 but she’ll manage) and 4 base layer sets for my son (all black so he looks like a ninja in them).  We have socks (various types but the skiing ones are size 9 to 12), gloves, mittens, hats and a pair of goggles and a snood for the girl.

Socks and gloves
Socks and gloves

So far, I think we need to get one more pair of skiing goggles for the girl and (possibly) another pair of ski gloves for the boy.  We bought a fantastic pair last year but they disappeared on the first day of ski school, which was incredibly irritating.  They were bloody labelled, too.

I find crappy gloves a bit of a false economy.  I had a good two or three years of misery until I bought a pair of leather Spyder gloves.  They’re now about 13 years old and look faded and crappy but my hands are never cold in them.

Enormous pile of base layers
Enormous pile of base layers

After school, I viciously forced my son to try on his saloupettes from last year.  He wasn’t much in the mood to try on trousers but they still fit.  So no need for either a new jacket or saloupettes.

He is going to need a new fleece – all the heavier fleeces I have are only up to age 5 and even the largest is a bit small.

Shopping list:

  • skiing goggles for the girl;
  • (possibly) new ski gloves for the boy;
  • snood for the boy;
  • three pairs of skiing socks for both children (size 6 to 9 for the girl, size 12 to 3 for the boy); and
  • a heavier fleece for the boy.

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