Losing part of a set

For Christmas, my daughter got a couple of little Paw Patrol figures.  They are small and she likes to build little houses for them using Magnatiles and make them have conversations with each other.

Here they are
Here they are

The other day, we took the children out to get their hair cut and my daughter had brought both with her in the car.  When she got out, I noticed that she only had Skye (pink dog) and asked her whether she also had Chase (blue dog).  She looked slightly troubled and said no so I assumed that it was in the car.

Anyway, it was nowhere to be found.  Both my husband and I searched the car REALLY well and my husband even went back to the barber / hairdresser to ask whether it had been handed in.  Nope.

At this point, I started fretting and even ended up getting my husband to order a new plastic blue dog from Ebay.  He (I think) rather thought I’d lost my mind but my Mum says that I was always the child who was Very Good At Keeping Sets Of Toys together.  Which is true; I even remember searching the house for a tiny plastic egg that was part of my Sindy food collection.  I think I found it in the garden, just outside the back door (it did look like a tiny stone, to be fair).

In the end, I found the little Chase figure on the floor of the pub that we went for lunch in – it must have been in the sleeve of my daughter’s coat.

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