Treating Japanese Knotweed

A little while ago, I posted about a patch of Japanese Knotweed near the seafront at Colwell Bay.  It looks as though the council have done something about it (probably something rather toxic, given the scaryness of the signs and the giant sheet of netting).  It’s all looking quite dead – I have no idea whether it will revive.

Don't go in here
Don’t go in here

4 thoughts on “Treating Japanese Knotweed

    1. Yes, I thought that would be the case. A little while ago, someone did some guerilla gardening and chopped a loaf of it back. Unfortunately they left it strewn all over the sea wall for everyone to walk through – and some went in the sea (ready to populate Hampshire with it). Ugh.

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      1. You can actually get a find for doing things like that. B-O

        The problem is that when you cut it back it sends out loads of roots in all directions… As deep as 7ft! You have to take it on in a slow and controlled manner.

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