Project X Alien Adventures

My son and I have really enjoyed reading these books over the last half a term and we have only one book left (Tara’s Party, which looks okay).  Although he still needs some help, he can decode “morning”, “walks”, “could” etc. so it feels as though he’s really made some progress.

I ended up putting a thread on Mumsnet to see whether there were any other book sets that we could move onto.  The first few responses were that I should just take him to a library and let him choose.  There were a few responses that ended up being rather fighty about phonics.  However, a kind soul recommended these so I bought them.

Project X Alien Adventures
Project X Alien Adventures

The Book People are selling series 1 and 2 for £30, which is really quite a bargain.  They start at the Oxford Reading Level 7 (the Songbirds books I’d bought before went from 1+ to 6) and go up to 11 in the first series and up to 14 in the second series (by which time, presumably, he’ll be ready to read the King James Bible and Anna Karenina).

When I bought them, the Book People website seemed to suggest that there was no chance they would be delivered before Christmas.  However, when we turned up in the IoW, there were “while you were out” cards for the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of December.  O!  The shame!  Thankfully, the kind lady who’d been trying to deliver them still had them and said she’d pop them round on the 28th as she already had a delivery in my area then.  I gave her a bottle of wine to say thank you so I hope she isn’t too annoyed with me.

While we’re on Space, this is extremely cool.  Watch it with the sound on.

6 thoughts on “Project X Alien Adventures

  1. I think you forgot to add whatever you wanted to put at the end…

    BTW… Do you read TO your son or do you read a bit, get him to read a bit and go on like that?
    I’m just asking because when mine was in school I got her to read some as I red and the teachers were all telling me I did it wrong. >.>

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