Christmas, travel chaos and the ability to get cash out

We are getting a bit more ready for Christmas.  My husband and son went to get a tree and wreath after school yesterday and we decorated it, which does make me feel far more Christmassy.

Our tree
Our tree

I usually think that, once the tree is up, there is a wreath and cards are on the mantelpiece, that’s enough decoration.  I know that other people do more – I mean, it could be possible to make our entire house into a delicious Christmas grotto.

Like this?
Like this?

I’m feeling incredibly sorry for all the people who need to use Southern Rail in the next few weeks.  Brighton Station (I am from Brighton) keeps coming up on the news about the strikes.  It’s all a bit of a disaster.

I’ve heard from my brother (he and my sister are in India for three months).  He said that they are having a good time but are getting a lot of hassle, he has to do all the talking and are finding it impossible to get money.  They can get a maximum of 2,000 rupees a day out (about £23 / $30 USD), which comes as one note and no one will accept it because they can’t give change.  We suggested getting US dollars but they can only get those if they have proof of travel within seven days.  I said that I would post them a envelope with a load of US dollars in but he said they’d manage.

There is a Thomas Cook, which will sometimes sell them more rupees but at present it is taking them an hour a day to get enough money out.  Only the fancy hotels will take Visa.

He said that they ARE having a good time; he just wanted a whinge.

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