New top for the girl

My daughter is going to be a cow in her Nativity play at nursery.  I was asked to dress her in a long sleeved black top and black tights but I’ve found that absolutely nowhere seems to sell plain black tops for small children so the women at the nursery said that a white top and white tights (which I can get / do have) would be fine.

This was £4 from M&S
This was £4 from M&S

Speaking of my daughter, she was sick the other day.  I hadn’t realised that it had got on the floor in the hallway and slipped over on it.  Landed on my hip and whacked the top of my ear (the bit with all the cartilage) on the door frame.  It was days ago and is still agony.  I have no idea how anyone can get that bit of their ear pierced.

At least my daughter is feeling much better.

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