The Breakfast Club

The other day, my husband and I went for breakfast at the Breakfast Club.  It’s funny, I’d always thought it was the only one but looking at the website there are loads of them.


They tend to have quite a mixed crowd – a lot of young, stylist people and a few older people (like us).  I’d never thought of it as a place that people work / have meetings etc but when we were there, I caught a load of files / folders with my coat as I walked past the table (not much space) and nearly knocked them to the floor.  I wouldn’t much want to have a meeting there – it’s noisy and I’d get distracted by all the posters of eighties films.

Tonight I’m meeting my brother and his wife for dinner.  They are off to India tomorrow for three months so are going to miss winter (although I remember being frozen in the evenings when I was there).  They’re also going to miss Christmas and all the stuff that goes with it.  Including mad articles on what to wear to Christmas parties (doesn’t everyone just wear their normal clothes / smart evening stuff?  Do people actually buy new party clothes every Christmas?).

I’ve noticed that the comments under a load of the Times fashion articles have been turned off.  Presumably this is because the Times is read by older people (like me) who are not going to wear pyjamas to Christmas parties and who find the idea of a closely fitting knitted dress rather horrifying.  I know that people who regularly comment on newspaper article tend to be quite insane but even so, it must be quite dispiriting to write an article and then have several pages of “What’s this rubbish?  Why can’t we have more articles on how the combustion engine was invented / about the economy / on retired race horses?” underneath.  Particularly if that article was about hats, and it was bloody obvious from the title that it was about hats.

I once caught myself commenting on a story about breastfeeding in public (which attracted PAGES of comments, mostly from mad people) and realised that this is something that I just, plain, mustn’t do.  I have a friend who gets into online battles with Daily Mail readers.  Why on Earth?  I asked.  She says it amuses her.

2 thoughts on “The Breakfast Club

  1. I agree with KnowingKimberly… Those pancakes look good…Artery clanging… But GOOD!

    BTW trolling people on the internet is hysterically funny. Especially if you can trip them up. Meh… I’m like a 12yr old at times.
    Oh… And inviting Jehovahs witnesses in to talk is also something I used to do. Funnily enough they stopped knocking on my door now. B-(

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