The other day Kal mentioned that I refer to poo rather a lot.  This is, to be fair, true.  I just seem to encounter dog poo wherever I go – plus my daughter’s nursery is right next to one of the few parks in Islington where people are allowed to let their dogs off the lead.  The streets around it are covered in dogshit.

I think this is a good time to mention this book.  It’s basically a science book for kids and tells you things like why poo is brown and why dogs eat other animals’ poo.  My old A Level Biology teacher told me that they didn’t eat poo and that I must know some very strange dogs – but actually, there is a proper, scientific reason for dogs eating poo.

You need this book
You need this book

It’s more detailed than the book about Microbes so we’re reading a few pages every night.


3 thoughts on “Poo

  1. I’M FAMOUS! B-)

    Personally I hate dog poo on the floor. And they should fine the hell out of anyone that is caught allowing their dog to do it without cleaning it up.

    If only there was a way to track dog owners. >.>
    Maybe they could set up some cameras to catch owners. But seeing as London has a bazillion cameras as it is I think this would be a great cash flow.

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    1. My old nanny told me that they have a scheme in Barking and Dagenham where they DNA test all the poo and then fine the owner of whichever dog is on the database. I have no idea how that works though, because I don’t think that people are required to provide their pets’ DNA at present.

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      1. Then they should bring back dog lisences and do it that way… Or extend the law that requires them to be chipped…
        Oh… And fairs fair. Do it for cats too. >.>


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