Christmas cards

On Thursday evening, I wrote out my Christmas cards.  I know it’s really early but we’re now past Thanksgiving so it isn’t obscene.

Cards and address book
Cards and address book

This year I rather did a cull of my card list.  This is something I’ve always resisted but I realised that I was sending out nearly 120 cards (insane and unsustainable level of wifework).  So people I haven’t seen or heard from in over 5 years aren’t getting a card – this is against the spirit of Christmas, I know.

As it is, I’m sending 62 cards within the UK and 7 overseas.

Stamped and ready to go
Stamped and ready to go

The thing is, I really want to just put them in the post now but don’t want them to arrive before 1 December (even that is a bit early).  Perhaps I’ll post them on Tuesday.  Or perhaps today.  I use second class stamps (why does second class exist?  I can’t work it out) so they should take a bit longer to arrive.

Yes, I read this.  I am middle aged.
Yes, I read this. I am middle aged.

One thought on “Christmas cards

  1. My parents used to send LOADS of cards out while I don’t do cards at all.

    But they sent international ones on the 1st and mainland UK on the 10th…

    Funny you should mention the mag… I bought my first magazine (Its made of paper and everything!) in YEARS… It’s the ‘Grow Your Own’ mag.
    I got it because it shows you how to plan next years plot. B-)


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