Expedition Down Parka

I ended up ordering another coat from Landsend.  It’s listed as £200 but when I ordered it, it had been reduced to £186.  Then, when you factor in the 25% discount code I had, it was £140.  So not as cheap as the down coat I returned but still quite cheap.

You see, I had been eyeing up this Fjallraven parka.  I even ended up emailing the company with a few questions and got a nice, swift, helpful response.  Basically, yes, it is waxed and, although it is water and wind resistant, it is not waterproof.  Plus, nowhere in London stocks it in my size (all the outdoor shops here only have it up to “M”) so I would have to go to Fife / Cramlington / Callander / Malmesbury to try it on.  So, even though I love it, the Singi jacket is not a good choice for me.

Expedition Down Parka in burgundy
Expedition Down Parka in burgundy

I like this Landsend parka a lot.  I think it is a copy of all the Canada Goose / Fjallraven / insert name of expensive brand of parka because it even has the logo on the left arm.  Only it says “Landsend” rather than “Napapijri”.  Which is fine by me.

When I tried it on, my husband asked me if I didn’t think it would be a bit too warm but said that if I really wanted it, I could keep it.  So I’m keeping it!  I just need London to cool down a bit so that I can wear it – the last few days have been grey and wet but also about 14C (57F) so I’ve been wandering about in a cotton sweater and my raincoat.  Surprisingly, I do keep seeing people in parkas / bobble hats / heavy coats but I have assumed that those people are all from tropical countries where the temperature never falls below 22C (72F).  I once had a Maldivian sailing instructor (in the Maldives) who said that when he lived in Australia, he’d been frozen as, for a couple of days, it got down to 15C (“shudder”).  I assume that all these people walking around in think sweaters and scarves are like my Maldivian instructor.  Or maybe they actually feel cold at 14C.

According to the Landsend website, the parka has been tested down to -32C (-26F), a temperature that London is unlikely to reach.  However, my friend M (who I saw on Saturday) said that this just means that when it is utterly freezing outside, I can just put my coat on over a T shirt and be toasty warm.

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