Chalet Down Long Coat

During my searches for really warm winter coats, I found this coat.  It was originally £160 but had been reduced to £80.  With the discount code (“friends”), it was reduced by 25% to £60 and had no delivery charge.  Bargain! So I ordered it.

Chalet Down coat
Chalet Down coat

There was a lot to like about this and I was a little torn.  From certain angles, it looked really nice.  And so warm!  And so cheap!

However, it wasn’t good from all angles.  I am what my Mum calls “tummyish” and this distorted the line of the coat a bit.  I knew that I wouldn’t have wanted to wear a jumper underneath it (although to be fair, unless we had another Ice Age, I wouldn’t have to).

Ultimately, I found myself posing to try to make it look better.  Which is a sign that it has to go back.  It really is a pity.

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