It’s been a funny year

I’m not going to write much about Donald Trump; there’s lots about him on the news and on Twitter / Facebook already.  No matter what, he won’t be in power for more than eight years.  Unlike Brexit, which is bloody permanent.

It’s finally got a bit colder in the UK.  Today we even had rain!  Blessed, delicious rain!  Here are some pictures I took earlier.

The Barbican in Autumn
The Barbican in Autumn




4 thoughts on “It’s been a funny year

  1. In all honesty I didn’t think he would actually win… What’s even funnier is that the 2 3rd party people did as poorly as they did.

    But then this is the populace speaking up about poor actions from those in control. We had Brexit and the US had their Presidency.

    BTW… You guys may still get your way because the law courts and Parliament feel that the populace made the wrong choice and our vote means nothing. So much for Democracy, eh?

    Anyway… Come up north and you can take some of our snow with you if you like! B-)

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