Fruitcake failure

I made a Christmas cake yesterday and it hasn’t turned out very well so I’m making another one.

It's a bit dark
It’s a bit dark

Last year I put it in the roasting oven for 20 minutes and then in the simmering oven for five hours.  This year I followed the book’s advice for people with a four oven AGA, which was to put it in the baking oven for about an hour and then put it in the simmering oven.  I kept pulling it out but my skewer wasn’t coming out clean so I left it in the simmering oven for my longer this time – about nine hours in total (although to be fair, the book says that a cake can take between five and ten hours).  The top is a bit too hard – my husband wondered if this was because he was cooking a casserole in there at the same time.

This was the batter
This was the batter

The batter itself was much darker this time because I used the really dark sugar.

Never mind, I’m sure the next one will be better.

4 thoughts on “Fruitcake failure

  1. Have just written a post about my Aga Christmas cake. If I’m making a large one (25cm/10″) I do it overnight in the simmering oven and don’t start it off anywhere else. Usually takes 9-10 hours. I probably wouldn’t leave it overnight if making a smaller cake. I think it’s probably best not to have anything else in the oven at the same time but I’m not sure why!

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