Teach Your Monster To Read

Sorry I’ve been away for so long.  It’s been half term and I’ve been hanging out with the lovely friends.  And my children, of course.

The problem with being away for a while is that you sort of lose the ability to get your point across succinctly.  It will come back, I’m sure.

What else have I been doing?  Oh yes, practising reading with my son.  He’s had half a term of school now so it really is time.  We’ve been going through the Ladybird Read It Yourself books and I’ve now also bought these.

Oxford Reading Tree Songbirds
Oxford Reading Tree Songbirds

I only came across them on a Mumsnet thread about phonics (which ended up being really rather vicious – I couldn’t follow it all).  They are all by Julia Donaldson, who I used to know as a child (she lived on our street and I played with her son).

The first band (the one we’re on) books are pretty easy and quick to get through and there are six bands altogether.  I really like the Ladybird books but even the first band is quite difficult.

While I’m on the subject, a friend recommended an iPad app Teach Your Monster To Read.  I’m not sure whether I have referred to this on here before but it is very good.  Particularly if your child (like mine) is addicted to the iPad.  Having said that, I think that my son is currently watching Pokemon on Netflix on his.

5 thoughts on “Teach Your Monster To Read

      1. Does he like football? Get him to read something from the newspaper about it.

        Its a shame we don’t still have the old Meccano… They used to have paragraphs of text and a simple drawing and you had to read it to put it together. That would be PERFECT for boys.


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