Writing to complain

I wonder whether I’ve become a “complainer”.  As you know, I seem to report endless dog shit and fly tipping to Islington Council using the Clean Islington app.

Yes, I reported these
Yes, I reported these

I’ve also discovered a way of complaining about dangerous roads and junctions, using the Resolver website.  I don’t know whether this covers all councils – but it does cover Islington.

I found it because someone else on a site called Next Door (which I am a member of) put a post up to ask whether everyone else found crossing a particular junction on foot completely terrifying (yes, definitely).  So far I have used it to complain about two junctions – Dagmar Terrace / Cross Street and Hawes Street / Florence Street (seriously, both are horrific – particularly at rush hour).

One thought on “Writing to complain

  1. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Remember that.

    Sometimes people simply have no idea something is an issue until someone points it out. As long as you are juts pointing things out and not bitching about it…. Who can possibly complain? You are doing the place a service by helping keep it clean and safe!


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