Lights and knives

As well as wrapping paper, we went to have a look at lights and knives.  Now, I can see the appeal of a nice light – it makes your room look better (and sometimes bigger).  The problem is that I rather hate shopping in person – and you do need to see lights in person, otherwise it becomes a bit of a farce.

We didn't buy this
We didn’t buy this

The reason we were also looking at knives is that we’ve lost one of our sharp kitchen knives in the IoW.  I have looked and looked but can’t find it.  It’s a bit of a bugger because it was made by AGA (and was a real bargain because they discontinued their knife range so sold it half price).  You know when a knife is just about the right size for your hand, not so fancy that you’re afraid to use it nor so cheap that it isn’t useful?  That was this one.

We also ended up going to look at knives in Selfridge’s, which is a shop I hate.  There’s something about it that makes me incredibly angry and impatient.  Perhaps it’s the lighting.  Plus, the doors kept giving me static shocks.  Although my husband helpfully pointed out that it was almost certainly me who was generating static, rather than the shop.  This improved my mood no end.

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