Riding school disgrace

At the weekend, I took my son for a riding lesson (which he LOVES and nags me to book for ages before I get around to it).  Riding schools are funny places – they look muddy and chaotic but there is a SYSTEM (which I don’t understand but I do know that there is one).

I rather disgraced myself this time though.  I had asked where the loo was, been told where to go, found a gate with “gentlemen” and “ladies” on it, went through the gate, up some stairs and opened the door to the loo.  Except it wasn’t; it turns out that was someone’s house.  UGH.  The thing is, I did think it was funny that the place is so muddy and chaotic and had a really nice loo for visitors but I’d assumed that this was some part of riding etiquette that I didn’t understand.  Or perhaps a staff room for the people who worked there?

The actual loo was more the sort of thing that you would expect – perfectly adequate but a bit more “outside”.

I spent the whole of the rest of the lesson RIGID with tension in case the guy who lived there came out to shout at me for going in his house.  So awful.

Here are some pictures of shetland ponies.  Don't let them bite you
Here are some pictures of shetland ponies. Don’t let them bite you

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