Rigby and Peller

On Friday, I went to Rigby and Peller to get some new bras (I’ve been wearing the ones I had from before the children were born).  This is a nice shop – the women are kind and helpful and there’s lots of seating.

The waiting room
The waiting room

The first time you go there, it is rather disconcerting.  You go into a changing room and the lady gets you to take off your top so that she can have a look at you in your bra.  Then you take the bra off and she has a look at you without it.  Then she goes off and picks out some bras that she think will fit (they don’t measure – they do it by eye) and gets you to try them on.  HOWEVER, as far as I can tell, you always leave with something brilliant.

They used to have a ticket system, rather like the butcher, but have done away with that now.

I’m not going to put a picture of the stuff I bought on here because it isn’t the sort of thing I do.  I bought a white bra and a black bra and the two came to £177.

2 thoughts on “Rigby and Peller

  1. Just after the wife gave birth to our minion she went into a shop in Manchester and I swear the lady who dealt with her just took one look at her and told her that her bra didn’t fit right, spouted some information and lo and behold 10 mins later we were out, £60 lighter (This was 18 years ago) and the wife in a new bra that GENUINELY helped alleviate some of her back pain.

    First hint to people. Some people know more about rigging and boobs than you do. Trust them. Some folk are just far too clever and back pain is a real thing. B-)

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