New cardigans

As a result of my clothes cull, I’ve realised that I could use a new purple, cashmere cardigan.  I know that sounds rather specific but I’ve had one that I’ve worn to death for the last few years and it goes with loads of things I wear.  Unfortunately, it now has a massive hole in the elbow so I can’t wear it for anything smart.  I also keep forgetting about the hole and wearing it anyway – so it has to go in the bin.  I am too old to go around in raggy, holey clothes.

I got the original cardigan from Boden but their current ones are £100 each, which is a bit painful.  Plus they don’t have one in the correct shade of purple.

In the end, I ordered a cashmere and merino blend one from Woolover – well, two actually.  They had them at half price (£20 each) so I ordered them in blueberry (purple) and burgundy (dark red).


I know that Woolovers is meant to be for older women but these were actually pretty nice.  And a BARGAIN.  I think the burgundy one is probably slightly more flattering but both are good.


So, in the bin the old, holey one goes.  It was great while it lasted but its time has passed.

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