The dreaded cull – my clothes

I finally got around to tackling my clothes.  It was less painful than I’d thought it would be – this is usually a job I hate.  Admitting that, although this or that was super when I was 25, I am now much too fat or middle aged to wear it tends to be upsetting.

However, I have a chucking-stuff-out mentality this week so was reasonably brutal.  I ended up with eight large carrier bags full of stuff to take to Save the Children (the women who volunteer there are starting to look a bit stressed whenever I walk in the door – the stuff I’m donating is not a load of crap, I promise).

These all went to Save the Children
These all went to Save the Children

It was great – I discovered a load of things that I haven’t worn for ages but which are still good.  It was like having new clothes but for free.  I also reorganised my drawers so that I could fit everything in.

I have cheated a bit though.  I have a whole load of pairs of jeans which are slightly too tight – those I shoved in a box on top of the wardrobe.  If I were to lose around 7 kilos (a bit over 15 pounds), I would be able to get back into them.  This is not completely unreasonable.

My next (small) job is culling my underwear.  This shouldn’t take very long.

My next (big) job is sorting through the children’s toys.  This is one that I dread; it will take all day and the children cannot be around when I do it.

4 thoughts on “The dreaded cull – my clothes

      1. I had a huge clear out before we moved so realistically we probably don’t need another one any time soon. But my loft is a different matter! I may just follow your lead and start before we have to get up there for Xmas decs etc. Re: gaps in wardrobe I’ve started doing that recently, hence the new work tote and raincoat. I have a list! 😆


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