Buying multiples

Yet another parcel from Boden arrived on Saturday.  I know that I am a dull woman – I bought yet another long Breton top (this time in olive!) and some more black leggings.  In my defense, I wear leggings nearly all the time (when it isn’t utterly roasting) and some of mine are getting very ropey.

Yes, it IS that same top - this time in olive
Yes, it IS that same top – this time in olive

I do think that when you find a piece of clothing you really like, you should buy it in every colour.  I have an ex work dress (still gets worn sometimes) in grey, navy and green – and it’s great!  Shove a black cardigan on over the grey and the green one and you have something formal enough to wear to a non work meeting.  The navy used to look great with a purple cardigan, which now has a massive hole in the elbow so needs to be replaced.  Bloody shame that, I loved that cardigan.

The Pool has a marvellous article about how September is the best time to make new resolutions and just get some stuff done.  I need to sort out my clothes, binning any woollen stuff that has hideous motels in it (no matter how much I used to love it) and eliminating stuff that just isn’t wearable any more (either due to fatness or fadedness).  I need to go through all the kids’  clothes I shoved in a box when they outgrew them.  I need to sort through the hideous shoe collection (both mine and the kids’), sort through the wellies and sort through the toys.  I need to be brutal.

My husband has got the same idea, I think.  He has reorganised the bottom tow floors of our house and has removed our coffee table.  I had thought “Ugh! Where do I put coffee now?” But in fact it is better – the coffee table tended to collect piles of post (opened and unopened), magazine and a load of other detritus.  As a result, the kids seem more willing to hang out in the living room.  I am starting to see the appeal of minimalism.

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