Wild & Gorgeous

Do you remember when the Camerons left 10 Downing Street and everyone (well, a few fashion columnists) made a big fuss because David Cameron’s daughters were wearing dresses from ilovegorgeous?  I think I whinged about it a bit because I usually pick up some summer stuff in the sale and all the publicity meant that almost everything sold out right away.

Anyway, they now sell boys’ clothes and are called Wild & Gorgeous.  I’ve had a look through the new catalogue – their stuff is nice but a bit formal for my son.  Plus, it’s so damn expensive that there is no way he will be allowed to eat spaghetti bolognese in any of it.

Wild & Gorgeous
Wild & Gorgeous

I also had a quick look through the girls’ clothes – they are very similar to the ones that ilovegorgeous used to sell … and are also incredibly expensive.  I spotted a pretty party dress for £95 (age 2/3 years to 12/13 years) and a fake fur coat for £139.  Realistically, this isn’t going to be a place that I buy a lot of clothes from.

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