Yet more shoes for the children

So on Monday, I had a most efficient day.  It was the first day back from our holiday and I:

  • replied to a few emails and sent some others;
  • paid a few bills;
  • took the children to the dentist;
  • took the children to the park; unpacked all the children’s clothes from holiday;
  • put all the new school uniform in drawers / wardrobe / haversack; and
  • bought both children new shoes.

I know that I’d already bought my son school and games shoes but I realised that he was going to need some for the weekend and holidays.

Here they are
Here they are

My daughter has had great wear from her silver sandals this summer but once it is cold and raining, she is going to need some closed shoes.

Like these
Like these

I know that my daughter’s shoes are really rather girly.  However – she is a girl.  She was pleased with them.  Plus silver seems to go with everything she wears – perhaps it could be classed as a neutral?

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