…and get into Autumn

Yesterday was the first day that really felt properly autumnal so far.  At the weekend we had rain but that can come at any time.  It was slightly chilly first thing in the morning – so I wore my (thin) cardigan.  Over the weekend, I gave my garden another prune, including the bracts on most of the lavender plants.  This often makes me feel rather guilty – although most are done, there  were still a few that bees still seemed to be interested in.  However, the plant itself will need the bracts gone if it is to have enough light on the leaves over Autumn and Winter.  Plus, I had a couple that were still going strong so I left those alone.  It’s funny, fancy varieties of lavender often have a short season or only a few bracts but the cheap “standard” lavender goes and goes and has super long bracts.  I counted six bees on one – perhaps it’s because they have less to eat now.

The first leaves have fallen
The first leaves have fallen

I also gave the little bay bush in the rose garden a reasonably hard prune.  I’m never quite sure what to do with bay clippings – yes, they count as a herb but they are also quite woody.  In the end I bunged them in the compost bin with the clipped lavender bracts and some marjoram; my compost bin is completely full.

The leaves on the trees in the IoW haven’t started turning yet, although I think they have started in other parts of the UK.  At present, only my large acer’s leaves have started to change colour (in spring, they are a dark red).

One of my acers
One of my acers

One thought on “…and get into Autumn

  1. Up here in Yorkshire we are starting to see the autumnal change. A few trees are starting to turn and damaged leaves are falling.
    Its not proper autumn yet… But you can feel the seasons turning!


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