Chicken stock

Yesterday the lovely friends from New Zealand left.

We had roast chicken with the kids but ended up eating rather late as their son gashed his knee open on a glass jug that we’d left on the lawn and had to go to A&E for stitches (three stitches and about an hour and a quarter at A&E). I am wreathed in guilt and so is my husband.

I ended up taking the chickens out of the roasting oven after an hour and forty-five minutes (the AGA was a bit cold so I left them longer than usual) and put them in the warming oven, where they stayed for just over two hours.  In the end they were rather like rotisserie chickens.

In the evening, when I was clearing up, I decided to make chicken stock. Basically, you strip the chicken and then boil up the bones before putting the pot in the simmering oven for around eight hours.  AGAs are good for this as they have a separate simmering oven.

Sieving the stock
Sieving the stock

We have a brilliant jug made by OXO, which has a sieve and a spout so you can get the stock without the lumps or the fat (I think this is technically for gravy).

Stock for freezing
Stock for freezing

I’d made rather too much stock so, while I was washing up, the freezer bag leaked all over the induction hob, leading to some bad tempered words between me and my husband.  He said that the hob was probably broken for ever.  I then asked him if he’d got all the glass out the lawn yet.  You get the idea.

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