The other day we went crabbing with N and H and the kids.  We caught nothing – or rather, we caught lots of crabs but didn’t manage to get any of them in the bucket.  They’re wily, these crabs.

While we were on Yarmouth Pier, we got to see lots of dinghy races (it is Dinghy Week) and a few sails that got caught on the pier itself.

This one got itself free
This one got freed

We were originally going to do the treasure hunt (part of the Yarmouth Carnival week) but when we actually got the question sheet, it was obvious that there was no way the children would have the patience for it.  We’ll have another go in about four years.

Yarmouth Pier
Yarmouth Pier

Lobster Thai red curry

Our friends N, H and their kids have been staying with us for a few days.  On one of those, my husband bought some lobsters and made this.  It was most delicious.

Bandit lobsters
Bandit lobsters

Lobster is a funny food.  N said they remind her of Scotland (she went to boarding school there).  Our fishmonger sends a whole bunch of them over to Cowes for Cowes week but any that are a bit small, or which have only one claw (like these), get rejected and end up a bit of a bargain.  Perhaps that’s why the fishmonger calls them bandit lobsters.


Yet more Boden

Yes, I know that I have a thing about Boden.  But do bear in mind that if you are even slightly plus sized, it is actually a bit of a bugger to get clothes from “nice” shops.  There are loads of smart clothes shops near me in London … and they all seem to think that a size 14 is a plus size.

Anyway, do you remember that Breton top I bought a few days ago in burgundy and white stripes?  I bought it in navy / white and grey / white as well.

Navy and grey
Navy and grey – got to love those neutrals

I also bought some long, lightweight v neck t shirts but they look horrid on me so I’m returning those.  I’m sure that if I were a size 10, they would look lovely but on me they look like the sort of thing a middle aged woman would panic buy because she leaves for her holiday in Spain tomorrow.

One thing Boden have started doing is increasing the discounts when you buy more than one of a thing; come to think of it, Jojomamanbebe have done that for a while.  I can’t decide whether it is a good thing.

My daughter’s yellow pointelle top also arrived.  I like this a lot and will like it even more when it is November, about 6C and raining.

Yellow pointelle top
Yellow pointelle top