New jeans for the girl

I’ve just bought these for my daughter.

Jersey jodhpurs #16 from Boden
Jersey jodhpurs #16 from Boden

I call them jeans but Boden describe them as “jersey jodhpurs” in “mid vintage”.  I used to rather judge people who dressed their tiny children in skinny jeans – ghastly! I thought.  How can these children move?

The thing is, my daughter is quite a different shape from my son.  I started out buying her wide leg trousers and they were miles too big around the waist – she still has a pair in age 2 that we have to roll the waistband down for, otherwise they fall down.  So now I buy her leggings and skinny jeans / cords.

Speaking of my daughter, she’s got into a Bad Habit.  She picks at her dinner then demands a share of mine.  A bit like some old housemates I used to have.  Perhaps that’s why they were a size 10.

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