Rescuing my lavender

I’d rather let one of my flowerbeds get out of hand.  It had become overrun with creeping buttercup, which had smothered my arctic snow lavender.  I ended up pulling up all / nearly all the buttercup and cutting away all the dead bits of the lavender.

Disastrous flowerbed
Disastrous flowerbed

All the leaves you see are shredded bits of a bush that my husband pruned then ran through the shredder.  Pruning large shrubs is a bit like getting a haircut – LOADS comes off and you can’t see a whole lot that is different.

I am treating the shredded bits like bark woodchips – I have no idea whether this is a good idea or not.  The violas at the sides look terrible – I think I’m going to have to cut those right back and see whether or not they revive.

One thought on “Rescuing my lavender

  1. I usually cut back my Violas at the start of spring and then (if they need it) I cut them again in autumn. I also give them a feed with a fertilizer that has a bit more nitrogen as it helps to promote foliage growth. Good luck I am sure they will all come back growing strong!


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