Back to School

Yes, I know it is August.  And, yes, it is very warm and sunny.  But the shops have started doing their Back to School campaigns already – actually, they probably have for ages but I’ve refused to notice because (1) it was the middle of summer and (2) my children hadn’t broken up from preschool yet.  It was the end of term picnic on Friday afternoon and now I’ve started noticing shop displays.

Like this one
Like this one

Last week I finally took my son shopping for school shoes.  I had intended to wait until the week before school starts but was told by a friend with older children that that was a really BAAAAAD idea.  As it was, the shoe shop was filled with children also getting their school shoes and the kind lady said that they’d started running of sizes the week before.

The uniform list gave black shoes with velcro fastenings and white games shoes with no laces (so also velcro).  I bought these.

School shoes
School shoes
Games shoes
Games shoes

Both are by Geox and were meant to be ninety-odd quid but the owner charged me £85 because we’d been waiting a long time … and had to take my daughter to the loo in Costa … and I’m there every month to get my children’s feet measured etc.

Now, I really, REALLY hope that my son’s feet don’t now grow during August.

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