Boden haul for me

Boden have been having rather a nice clearance sale.  Usually I don’t much like the clearance sales – I associate them with Next, which brings out rail after rail of the most hideous things that they haven’t been able to shift since 1998 but can’t / won’t give up on trying to sell them.  However, this clearance sale was rather good because it’s heated up again and I needed more shorts.

I did have some chino shorts already but they are bright yellow and rather stained by now (they are a couple of years old).  I needed something a bit more “neutral”, even though I try not to only buy neutral stuff.

Chino shorts
Chino shorts

I also really like the Breton tops they have (although they are not in the clearance sale).  The other day I read this (basically about how all we really need is a few basics to be thought really stylish on Instagram – which I haven’t got to grips with, being in early middle age).  So, yes, I did need a new Breton top.  This one is super long which suits me as I have a very long body and a fat stomach.  It is in burgundy; I may also need this in navy.

Long Breton top - I got this in burgundy
Long Breton top – I got this in burgundy

I also bought (and returned – right away) a tartan skirt that looked so appalling on me, I actually looked rather mad wearing it.  However, that is the clearance effect.  Not everything on sale will be suitable.

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