Chale Show

Yesterday, we went to the Chale Show, which is a country fair near us in the IoW.  They have rides for the children, bouncy castles and giant tents with ladies making lace and examples of people’s produce.

My daughter particularly liked the marching band (the children get up at the end to march behind the band) and my son liked the children’s tug of war but cried when he didn’t win a prize at the shooting stall.

I think my favourite bit was the chicken tent.  You can see which chickens have won prizes and they have some for sale (although those only seem to be cocks – I assume this is because people don’t much want a cockeral crowing every morning and not providing eggs).  If I lived here full time, I think I would like to have chickens.  But as I don’t, I can’t.  Rather like a dog.  Anyway, my husband has a bit of a thing about our lawn and would be sad if chickens scratched it up.

Giant leeks!
Giant leeks!
Hog roast - my daughter really liked this
Hog roast – my daughter really liked this

While we were there, I saw a woman who looked awfully familar.  I ended up staring and then realised that she was Nina Wadia (so an Actual Famous Person) and felt a bit embarrassed for staring.

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