New rose and bark chippings

Some friends came round last week and gave me a miniature rose with white flowers.  Now that I’d done some weeding, I did, finally, have some spaces between my plants.  I had rather a dilemma as to where to put it though – my rose garden is walled so you only see small plants when you look directly down into it.  However, I have a policy that the children Are Not Allowed In The Rose Garden Because There Are Prickles.  So it does seem rather unreasonable to put a rose somewhere that isn’t the rose garden.  Plus, the miniature rose was a prickly bugger.

I ended up planting it in the front of the rose garden.

My new rose!  And some bark chippings
My new rose! And some bark chippings

Now, a few people (I think including you, Kal?) have recommended that I put down bark chippings to try to control the weeds.  I’d resisted, for ridiculous reasons like occasionally I like the weeds and weeding is good exercise.  However, it was getting ridiculous so I ended up putting some down.

We’d had them for a little while so when I opened the packet, they smelt.   My sister in law said the chippings smelt of vomit.  I decided that they smelt more of someone’s cheesy, garlic arse when they hadn’t washed for around a week to ten days.

Anyway, I spread 200 litres of bark chippings on my rose garden, around the hydrangeas on the terrace and bunged the leftovers on the front flowerbed.  I’ll put more down when I do an Autumn prune; I estimate that I need another 600 litres.

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