Gardening delight

The other day I got into some hardcore weeding.  I’d let quite a few beds get disastrously overgrown and it was rather a problem.  In particular, the bed with the broom had loads of long grass which is quite similar to broom itself and was swamping all the plants.  I hate grass, it gets everywhere.

To do some good weeding, I have to be in the right mood.  Fortunately, my children had repeatedly shrieked at me for minor offences (I want a banana, noooo I don’t want help peeling the banana, ARGH!!! my BANANA IS BROKEN – I WANT A NEEEEEWWWWWWW BANANA!!!, NOOOOOO! I SAID I DIDN’T WANT A DRINK!!!!!!) until I really got rather snappy with them both and said that they were NOT TO SHOUT AT MUMMY.  Then I went out to do some weeding.

While actually weeding, I found a bunch of slugs.  I found this surprising because that bed gets quite a lot of sea spray.  Ha ha ha, wait until winter, bastard slugs.  Then you’ll suffer.  I left them there.

Once all the horrible grass had been cleared out the beds, they were really looking rather nice.  I discovered that I have some blackcurrants.  I didn’t get any last year but perhaps that was because the plant was new.

Blackcurrants!  Should I leave them for the birds or pick them?
Blackcurrants! Should I leave them for the birds or pick them?

My guelder roses all have berries on too.  I don’t think you can eat those though.

Guelder rose
Guelder rose

It’s a funny thing, the summer holidays.  The children really miss the best of summer when they are in school (unless they go somewhere that breaks up for summer in mid June).  Historically, the summer holidays were actually so the children could help with the harvest.  So I suppose it makes sense that the berries are out in the first week of the summer holidays.

Best of all, I think I saw a snake in my compost bin!  It was dark and I only got a glimpse but that thing was too big and moved far too fast to be a worm. There are lots of insects in there right now so perhaps it is a good place to lurk if you are a snake.  I won’t stir the compost until Autumn in case there are snake eggs in there.

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