New microfleece

Now, I’ve been told (by my Mum) that some of the people who read this blog are very worried that my children don’t get enough clothes bought for them.  Fear no longer!  I have bought my son a new microfleece for when he outgrows the current one!

Didrikson Monte microfleece
Didrikson Monte microfleece

I know it’s a funny time of year to buy fleeces but I rather went into a panic when I was packing to come to the IoW because I couldn’t find either child’s microfleece.  They have stacks of clothes but the microfleeces are about the most useful sweaters they own; unless it is absolutely freezing, they don’t need anything heavier and they fit underneath their coats.  Losing them is a nuisance.  I was getting more and more wound up, trying to imagine where they could be – still at preschool?  In the boot of the car?  Left in the park?

In the end, they were in the IoW.  That will teach me to leave clothes here (something I almost never do because then I will need whatever I have left).

During my searches, I ended up checking the Viking Kids site to find out whether they could be replaced.  Nope – out of stock in the larger sizes for all colours except light lupine (lilac / pink).  So I ended up googling them and it turned out they were in really short supply – perhaps Didrikson have discontinued them.  Or there’s a plot to make them really scarce.

I ended up looking at Funky Rascal, which is a place in Fife that I hadn’t seen before.  But they had them!  Massively reduced!  In fact, I paid £16.09 for mine but they are now £13.79.  I am prepared to be philosophical about this. Particularly as the price included delivery.

I am not absolutely certain about the colour – I had ordered it in red but the kind man from Fife rang me (on the day I ordered it!) to say he was really sorry but they were completely sold out in red.  He offered me navy or yellow so I went for yellow.  I have a feeling that my son would probably prefer navy but when he starts school, he will have to wear a navy jumper every day.  He has the rest of his life to wear guy colours!  Plus, the yellow will make him really easy to pick out at the playground.

Once he is a bit older, he can choose what colour fleece he’d like to wear.  Until then, I will choose.

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