The other day, we got a child’s cricket set and set it up on the lawn.


I don’t really know very much about cricket.  I am vaguely aware of the rules and that it is played in the summer.  I remember someone once saying that Pakistani bowlers can throw a ball at 100mph.  That’s about it.

The kids loved the leg protectors but had to be encouraged not to wave the bat above waist height.  Whenever anyone did anything good, we all clapped.  It turns out that clapping in our garden sounds exactly the way it does at Lord’s; must be the acoustics.

We also have a swingball post set up but the kids are less convinced about that.  Also, I am useless at it – mainly because whenever a ball comes flying towards me, I shriek and close my eyes.

2 thoughts on “Cricket

  1. Swingball is awesome! I’d prefer that over cricket. With swingball you can really get into it. cricket is just like golf. Hours of televised sky and people walking around a lot!



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