Replacement raincoat

Okay, so I have looked and looked and looked for my awesome, bargain, pink Landsend raincoat.  Perhaps it will turn up but probably not.

I have bought this one from Seasalt to replace it.  At the time, it was only available in greengage in my size but Seasalt seem to have got some more stock in – I can’t decide whether I have buyer’s remorse.  Would I have preferred poppy?  Or jewel?  The first would make me stand out more when crossing a zebra crossing but perhaps wouldn’t be very elegant in the evening.  Also, would I look like a jolly Father Christmas in it?  The second looks great in photos but perhaps may not be all that interesting in person.

I like mustard but my children will spill something or put their sticky fingers on it.  Plus I would look like an outsize fisherman in it.

So greengage it is.  Which I do like.  It is bright enough to see me crossing the road, at dusk, in the rain and smart enough to get away with wearing in the evening.

My new raincoat
My new raincoat

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