New skills

I have a new skill (although am not very good at it).  Sewing!  The other weekend, we bought a load of new uniform for my son, who starts school in September.  The school have asked that all uniform is labelled and that labels are sewn on.  Now, I tend to think of sewing as a magic super power and am very impressed when someone else can do it.  My friend P can sew and crochet and knit – it’s all very impressive.

Now, because I am like that, I ordered a load of name tapes when my son was about one.  I have a feeling that I’d anticipated that everything he wore to nursery would have to be labelled.  Thankfully not the case.

In the end, I had a look at this You Tube video, got some instructions from a kind soul on Mumsnet and got my husband to show me how he does it.

My sewing kit
My sewing kit

So far, I have done four polo shirts, one school jumper, one games top and one games jumper.  I sewed the labels onto the labels for all except the games top – you can see the white stitching on the back of this but I think it looks okay.  I still have trousers and shorts to do so will try to get this done in the next week.

There are also gloves / hat / book bag but I’m going to write the name in sharpie / biro on these. I’m also going to leave socks unmarked, I just cannot sew labels into socks, it’s not going to happen.

The coat doesn’t seem to have a label and is fleece lined but I have some instructions on how to deal with that from the kind person on Mumsnet:

“You should be able to pull the lining away from the shell.
Just lift it.
No cuts or tears.

Pin a tag through the lifted fleece.

Fold the fleece over next to the label and sew through.

Keep moving the folded bit as you sew the sides.

Remember labels can be cut out.
So can tags to be honest.”

7 thoughts on “New skills

    1. Ha, ha, lets see if they stay in. Last night my husband went out and I sat in front of the telly and put name tapes on one pair of shorts, one pair of shorts for games and three pairs of trousers. I’ve got a bit more uniform still to get but I *think* I’m nearly done.

      Am off to check out your blog for name label recommendations. Realistically, I’ll need them, even if only for the shoes.

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