Lost property

Sorry, I’ve not been blogging over the last few days.  I had some things to go to and haven’t really had anything to write about.  I’m a bit disturbed by all these people resigning – David Cameron, Boris Johnson (my friend M sent me a text to say “I am really hating Boris right now”), Nigel Farage (although, perhaps that was predictable – he wanted us to leave the EU and now it looks as though we will), pretty much all the Labour cabinet apart from Jeremy Corbyn (who, supposedly, wants to hang on because he wants to get the chance to have a go at his old boss Tony Blair), Chris Evans (even though I don’t even like Top Gear all that much).  I think I’ve caught the collective bad mood.

Plus I’ve LOST my favourite, absolute bargain, exactly right pink Landsend raincoat.  I’ve looked and looked for it but can’t find it.  The list of people who don’t have my raincoat are:

  • Andina;
  • Euphorium;
  • Transport for London (so far);
  • Apple store in Covent Garden; and
  • Belgo Centraal

I’m not usually careless so can’t imagine that I would have just left it somewhere.  It’s preying on my mind.  The problem is, the new version won’t be sent out until 15 August and costs £125 – if I order it, either my old one will turn up immediately or I’ll be left without a raincoat for a month.

The other day, we went to Tapnell Farm, where they’ve now got animals.  My children particularly liked the piglets.


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