Le Creuset

So I found out yesterday that we are getting a Le Creuset shop in my area.  I’ve seen their stuff in department stores but I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of their shops.

Here it is
Here it is

If you aren’t familiar with them, they make incredibly heavy saucepans.  Don’t, whatever you do, drop one on your foot.  It will hurt.

We have a couple of their casserole dishes.  They last forever (or have so far) and are actually super easy to wash up.  Probably not cheap though – think ours were wedding presents.

6 thoughts on “Le Creuset

  1. I had a Le Creuset pan set but gave them to my sister in the end. I am pathetically weak wristed and managed to really hurt myself one pancake day wielding the frying pan one handed! 😆 Only have a large casserole dish left because it has two handles!


  2. Le Creuset is an amazing brand. Super heavy, super expensive but REALLY worth it…. Until you drop it and chip it. Not that I would know ANYTHING about doing that. >.>


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