Okay, you will all have heard a LOT about Brexit.  I am very tight lipped about it all and have had a delicious bitch with my Mum over FaceTime.  I recommend that you read this and this.  I am not going to add much of my own commentary as (1) you will have heard it, watched it, read it already and (2) the political situation is so fast moving, whatever I write will be incredibly out of date almost as soon as you read it.  So I won’t.

Instead, I have started waging war against the slugs.

Remember these things?
Remember these things?

I read a thing in The Garden about nematodes.  And then I read a thread on the Gardening section of Mumsnet about them.  So I ordered a pack from Amazon and got to work.

This makes 40 litres of solution to use on the garden
This makes 40 litres of solution to use on the garden

I am not a fan of slug pellets or chemicals but these are meant to be completely safe for humans and animals; the equivalent of bringing in a load of ladybirds to kill off aphids.  You need to make a concentrated stock to begin with and then make a diluted solution – this made 4 lots of solution in my 10 litre watering can.  You need a coarse watering rose – I wasn’t sure whether mine was so I left it off.  I hope it works – my lupins have more or less disappeared.

A couple of warnings – nematodes are alive so you need to use your packet as soon as you get it.  If you can’t then put it somewhere cool.  Also – the solution smells awful.  It seems that nematodes are a smelly organism.

I’ll let you know whether this works.

2 thoughts on “Nematodes

  1. Nematodes are awesome and you can get them for almost any kind of pest that lives in the soil.

    but you have to accept that they are NOT an overnight solution or a panacea. You still could do with finding other ways to deal with them. Birds, frogs or beer traps… All work.

    The only issue with nematodes is that they only last 6-8 weeks and you have to reapply them. This can get REALLY expensive!


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