It’s time to vote

Today is the EU referendum.  I’m not going to say very much about that – if you are interested (or just in the UK) then you will have heard about little else apart from this for weeks.  I’ve asked my children if they would like to come with me while I vote and summarised what the point of it was – my son said that he only wanted to stay in the EU club if they have lots of toys.  Which wasn’t quite the direction I meant the conversation to go in.  Perhaps he is a bit young to hear about Palmerston’s opposition to giving the vote to the urban working classes.

In the meantime, there was a lot of rain last night.  The Times has a thing about a load of people have been stuck in their cars for hours at Glastonbury, annoying all the pour souls who live nearby.  Some sixth formers were late getting to their A Level exams.  I always avoid the IoW when the festival is on, partly because it’s impossible to get a spot on a ferry.  However, I think Glastonbury must be even worse.

Yesterday, I was in King’s Cross.  This used to be awful, a complete shithole.  There would be dodgy geezers all over the place when I was leaving the Thameslink station to get to the main station to go to Newcastle.  It is pretty nice now, although it is a pity that whenever anything is gentrified it ends up looking like a shopping mall.

King's Cross
King’s Cross

2 thoughts on “It’s time to vote

  1. Only been to Kings Cross 3 times that I can remember and didn’t like it. But this was in the 90s…. So…
    But then I don’t think any train station is ‘Nice’, it’s usually just ‘functional’ or ‘A Sinkhole for crap’.. >.> The London underground is just as bad, if not worse. But then the train stations in Manchester were no better.

    Up here we have the Leeds Festival… Its a nightmare for the roads around. People just avoid the area like the plague.

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