Shopping in person

I know it doesn’t come across on this blog but I am actually quite shit at shopping for things in person.  I find it exhausting and confusing.  When I see something I like, it is never in the right size or colour and then I have to rifle through the racks to find the thing I want.  This is only in cheap shops though.  I avoid the expensive shops because I don’t want to spend an utter fortune.

Yesterday, I popped into H&M and GAP to have a little look at the kids’ clothes.  There was nothing in H&M; I mean, there was but I couldn’t find anything I liked.  It was all a bit garish and logo’d.  GAP had the same problem to some extent although I did find some cotton dresses I liked.  However, it turned out that they were actually tops for girls aged 10 and were completely transparent.  Ugh.

I did find this top, which had been reduced to £5.  It’s a bit heavy duty for summer but will be fine for Autumn.  I bought it in age 5 because to my eyes it is absolutely tiny.  However, this may mean that my daughter (who will be three in the Autumn) will be utterly swamped.  Never mind, I’m sure I’ll manage to shrink it in the wash.

This is for a child aged 5?  Really?
This is for a child aged 5? Really?

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