Mutant watermelon

Last week, I went out round Shoreditch (daytime) with my husband.  I was wearing a most questionable outfit – yellow shorts, blue top and orange cotton sweater.  I wore my giant sunglasses and pretended that it was because I am a hipster, don’t you know, and not an early middle aged woman with a very strange wardrobe.  I did do that thing where I said “Do I look awful?” to my husband and he said no (he is generally very honest).

On the way home, we stopped off at a grocer on the Essex Road and bought an absolutely massive watermelon.

This was miles bigger than my head
This was miles bigger than my head

My husband had to carry it home as there was no way I could lift it.  And I am quite strong.  I was a bit taken aback by the price – £10.75!  On the cheapo Essex Road! But this was at least four times bigger than the ones going on Ocado.

The author of Knowing Kimberly pointed out that, should I have carried this myself, I could have pretended to be Baby off Dirty Dancing.  But I hate that film.

We won’t need any more watermelon.  Ever again.

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